Subsistence and traditional ways of life offer more than food security, economic well-being, and physical health. These cultural practices have existed since time immemorial and provide wellness, a sense of identity and cultural nourishment to our region’s families. Subsistence practices are taught and learned by families and must be recognized and protected.

Tribal Co-Management
I will advocate to ensure the state provides Tribes with more control of the resources on their lands. Tribal leadership has served as a model in healthcare, providing the state and federal government with cost savings while expanding self-determination and improving program outcomes. We must support the successful co-management programs already operating, like the Kuskokwim Inter-Tribal Fish Commission, and educate the state on the benefits of co-management and local control of resources. This is good for all of Alaska.

Development and Subsistence
I believe the State of Alaska should enact a tribal consultation practice for all development and infrastructure projects that has impacts on traditional ways of life. I also believe there should be a clear and transparent permitting process with adequate public notice and meaningful community engagement. The state must acknowledge a government-to-government relationship with tribes and create a public process that reflects this relationship.